Wings of An Angel was founded in August of 2011 to help children with disabilities receive the therapies, services and equipment that are beneficial to their journey in life. WOAA has recently incorporated transportation for adults with disabilities.

Funded services sponsored Marion Community Foundation Fund;  Francis & Thelma Fund; Wopat Community Fund.

  • Equine Assisted Therapy – Equine assisted therapies are beneficial to gain head and trunk control. During a riding session, children also are challenged with learning activities.
  • Specialized Equipment for Special Children (SESC) –(Sponsored by Robert & Dorothy Wopat Community Fund at the Marion Community Foundation) Equipment such as swimming devices, tumble chairs, communication devices, and high chairs.
  • Service Dogs – Service dogs help the children gain independence. Service dogs help the children with their daily activities; help pick up items the child cannot reach as well as open doors.
  • YMCA Membership  – Relaxation in the pool is beneficial to the children. Without gravity as a factor, the body is relaxed. When the body is relaxed, physical and occupational therapies are more effective.
  • Kids Camp – Kids camp is time away for the children to be children. The children do not have a disability; they are just kids at camp.
  • Funeral/Burial Expenses – Funeral expenses are a sad reality for the parents of children with disabilities. Life insurance companies will not cover most children with disabilities, placing a huge burden on the parents. WOAA wants to help with those expenses through the tough time.

Please go to ‘Contact Us’ tab to request an application to begin the funding process.

In addition to the  above services, we now provide transportation for adults with disabilities! We provide transportation to and from Marca Industries. Please contact your SSA at Marion Board of DD to start riding with Wings!

Every individual deserves a set of wings.